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Unique Pet memorial website created by you will have:

memorial   Name of your choice. The easiest way for your friends and family to find this website on internet.
memorial   Design extraordinary padigree, with links to previous and future generations. (available from March 2008)
memorial   Create photo-albums for any occasion with unlimited amount of pictures and produce slideshow with uploaded pictures.
memorial   Our specially design editing user interface lets you make changes with only few clicks of your mouse and your website will become really unique.
memorial   Easy Drag and Drop system for ordering images and Multiple images upload by one click.
memorial   Add creativity with option to upload unlimited video and audio records.
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memorial   Create your own custom sub-pages (achievments page, or time line page...) with custom music.
memorial   Pick out any qoutation from our selection or add your own.
memorial   Add Flash objects (<embed...></embed>) such as slideshows, postcards, text animations to your Memorial Website
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memorial   Give your friends and relatives the chance to light the memorial candle or share their memories.
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